A Day in the Life of …

[  2.6.16  |  PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL   ]
At LRP Publications we are blessed to have a pair of resident Red Shouldered Hawks nesting yearly nearby. They swoop past our office windows all day and often I find myself completely enthralled in hawk life. Last Saturday I decided to spend an hour or so, off the clock, with the couple and my camera. I was fortunate to catch a few snacks, flights, gathering of nesting material and even some hawk luv’n.

Meet our hawk couple:
The female is on the left still sporting her juvenile colors, male on the right.

Ok I just have to share the story here. He was so proud of that giant stick (Right). He struggled and struggled and finally landed with it. Then…blog_lrphawks12

His surprised posture seemed to say “Oh crap! I dropped it” (left). Then he dove to get his prized stick.blog_lrphawks11blog_lrphawks2blog_lrphawks5blog_lrphawks1blog_lrphawks4



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