Zumba Fundraiser: Tropical Jungle

[  10.24.15  |  LAKE WORTH, FL   ]
An amazing day in support of a friend. I’m so fortunate to be a part of this Zumba community where people come together in times of need. The floor was packed and the energy was awesome.

_DSC0858 Zumba for Tran 10-2015-57Zumba for Tran 10-2015-33 Zumba for Tran 10-2015-53 Zumba for Tran 10-2015-49Zumba for Tran 10-2015-55 zumbafortran1zumbafortran2   Zumba for Tran 10-2015-5

And I snuck in this group pic.
Zumba for Tran 10-2015-71


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