Jamie + Adam: Halpatiokee Engagement

[  3.26.16  |  STUART, FL  ]
I’m so excited to share these photos! Jamie and Adam were so brave to be my first engagement shoot. I had a blast hiking and getting lost in Halpatiokee park with these two. They are such a fun couple and were up for anything! Congratulations on your engagement! And thank you for trusting me to capture these. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_1Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_25Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_9
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_2
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_4Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_31Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_3
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_5
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_6
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_30Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_29
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_27Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_28
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_11
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_24
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_14Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_22
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_15Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_23
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_16
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_17
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_18
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_19
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_20
Jamie + Adam_Halpatiokee_21






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