Amazing Morning at Grassy Waters Preserve

[  2.20.16  |  WEST PALM BEACH, FL  ]
It doesn’t get any better than this! First trip out with my brand new D750. I visited a new place, suggested by a few friends, not knowing if I’d see any wildlife. I left feeling overwhelmed! It was such an awe inspiring morning. First I ran into a pair of my favorite and rather hard to find animals, otters!! I was so excited my hands were shaking and I forgot all about adjusting settings on my camera. They were so cute to watch play in the mud! I continued along the Owahee Trail seeing birds of every variety to eventually come upon a Bald Eagle nest. Thank you Sean for suggesting this trail, I never would have seen the Eagle without you! It was amazing!! She took a lap, squawking at a pestering bird and I was able to get some pretty neat clicks.




Wildlife Photo of the Day – Great Horned Owls

[  2.20.16  |  BOYNTON BEACH, FL  ]
Visited the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge just to see these babies. Mom and dad were nowhere to be found. Can’t wait to return, spend more time in the area – and see how they’ve grown.


Manatee Lagoon

[  2.13.16  |  WEST PALM BEACH, FL  ]
It doesn’t get cold in Florida often, but when it does herds of manatees head to the FPL warm-water outflows to keep warm. It is in this same location that they’ve recently opened the new Manatee Lagoon – a very nice learning facility with optimal manatee viewing decks. When I visited it seemed like hundreds of them were huddled up and some were clearly basking in the sun. It was quite spectacular to see these gentle giants up close. (P.S. Manatee bellies just make me smile)


A Day in the Life of …

[  2.6.16  |  PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL   ]
At LRP Publications we are blessed to have a pair of resident Red Shouldered Hawks nesting yearly nearby. They swoop past our office windows all day and often I find myself completely enthralled in hawk life. Last Saturday I decided to spend an hour or so, off the clock, with the couple and my camera. I was fortunate to catch a few snacks, flights, gathering of nesting material and even some hawk luv’n.

Meet our hawk couple:
The female is on the left still sporting her juvenile colors, male on the right.

Ok I just have to share the story here. He was so proud of that giant stick (Right). He struggled and struggled and finally landed with it. Then…blog_lrphawks12

His surprised posture seemed to say “Oh crap! I dropped it” (left). Then he dove to get his prized stick.blog_lrphawks11blog_lrphawks2blog_lrphawks5blog_lrphawks1blog_lrphawks4



Florida Wildlife Weekend

[  1.23.16 & 1.24.16  |  BOYNTON BEACH, WELLINGTON, and JUPITER FL   ]
What an amazing weekend?! Saturday I ventured out to a new place – Peaceful Waters in Wellington, then stopped by the old favorites – Wakodahatchee Wetlands and Green Cay in Boynton Beach. Woke up Sunday and did some hiking with the hubs at Riverbend in Jupiter. Logged a total of 15 miles of wilderness walking, saw tons of wildlife and snapped some pretty pictures.

blog_pw1blog_pw3 blog_pw8blog_pw4 blog_pw10blog_pw5 blog_pw7blog_pw6blog_wako2blog_pw2blog_wako4blog_wako1blog_wako3blog_wako5blog_wako6blog_riverbend1blog_riverbend2blog_riverbend3blog_riverbend4

Wildlife Photo of the Day – Cooper’s Hawk

[  12.24.15  |  PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL   ]
This beauty kindly let me hang out with him while he ate breakfast… snake was on the menu.



blog_cooperhawk2 copy